Ann Smith, Wrestling with Forgiveness. – Workshop Code – AM 06

Wrestling with Forgiveness – We all wrestle with forgiveness.  “How many times must I forgive?”  “Forgive us our sins as we forgive.”  What does that mean in our Christian life?  We think that it is about forgiving and forgetting, but it truly is about re-membering, about coming back into relationship with God and with others.

The Rev. Canon Ann Smith is a retired priest of the Diocese, currently an Honorary Assistant at St. Mark’s, Port Hope.


 The Reverend Canon Douglas Graydon, Death and Dying

Morning: I Want to Go; Will You Still Bless Me? Pastoral Responses to Assisted Dying. Workshop Code – AM 01

Since the legalization of medical assistance in dying, (MAID), end-of-life choices have taken on a radically different dimension. While individual choice now allows for assisted dying, families and communities will be challenged to discern how they can best support those who chose assisted dying. This workshop will explore assisted dying legislation with a focus upon the faith based questions which arise from this new law. Participants will be invited to explore their own thoughts, feelings and faith beliefs regarding end-of-life choices including assisted dying..

Afternoon: Embracing End-of-Life: Conversations with Family and Caregivers. Workshop Code – PM 01

When we sit down with our loved ones to discuss difficult matters such as wills, advance health-care directives and end-of-life choices, we are in a way discussing not only the wishes of those whom we love, but our own personal values and faithful beliefs as well. How we approach such conversations, how we ground ourselves emotionally, intellectually and spiritually can enhance difficult conversations making them a source of comfort and even joy. Participants will be invited to reflect upon their experiences of difficult conversations and to explore together the “nuts and bolts” of how to make difficult conversations easier.

Canon Graydon is an associate priest at St. John’s, West Toronto and the Coordinator of Chaplaincy Services with the Diocese of Toronto with 20+ years of end-of life care experience.



Beck Schaefer and The Reverend Margaret Rodrigues, Caring for Transgender People and Their Families: Exploring Trans Experience. Workshop Code – PM 07

Trans people continue to experience high degrees of marginalization and exclusion in many faith communities. This workshop will engage in theological reflection and the sharing of personal experience to highlight the ways in which Trans people can be more fully welcomed into our families, parishes, and wider communities.

Beck Schaefer is a transgender man whose gender identity is closely related to his faith. He is a parishioner of the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields.

The Reverend Margaret Rodrigues is an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Toronto with a personal interest in the theology of gender, focussing on  transgender issues. She is currently serving as Honorary Assistant at St. John West Toronto.