What the day looks like?

So you are really thinking about coming, and want to know what the flow of the day would be like.  No problem.  Below is our schedule of events.

Schedule of Events

8:30am  – Registration, coffee and muffins in the Great Hall

9:30am – Opening Worship.  Bishop  Riscylla Shaw’s morning address in the church

10:30am – Morning Workshops in assigned rooms

12:00pm – Lunch in the Great Hall

12:45pm – Afternoon Workshops in assigned rooms

2:30pm – Closing Worship in the Church

That’s right: we will be done by 3:30 pm, which gives you lots of time to drive home and reflect on a wonderful and enriching day.


All registrants will be provided with a Box Lunch with a choice of sandwich from the Dutch Oven in Cobourg.  Please note, any special dietary needs, other than vegetarian, cannot be accommodated.  Bring your own lunch if special needs are required.

Vegetarians please note:  Egg salad and vegetarian sandwiches are available.

  • Washrooms are found on each floor
  • Lunch may only be eaten in the Great Hall, hallways, Auditorium, or Hutton Lounge.
  • Please deposit your garbage in the appropriate receptacles provided.

Great, you may be thinking, but do I have any input on this?  Yes!  Yes you do!  At the end of the day we ask each participant to complete an evaluation sheet.  This tells us how we did so we can improve for next year.

Evaluation sheets will be provided in your registration package.  Fill them out as you complete your workshops and be prepared to hand in the completed forms together with your name tags in the baskets at the entrances to the church.  The Committee uses these evaluations to help plan for the next year.

How will I know where to go?  

A schedule of events, including a map, timetable and order of service will be provided to you when you arrive.